Fake data

21-3-2017 7:38 AM | bbc | 0 similar news

Not all cyber-attacks are about theft, some seek to undermine the trust placed in data and documents (read more)

What happens now?

29-3-2017 3:12 PM | bbc | similar news

Theresa May has invoked part of European law that means the UK will leave the EU. Now what?. (read more)

With Article 50 now triggered, what are the options for the UK's negotiators when it comes to trade? (read more)

EU regulators block London Stock Exchange's £21bn merger with German stock exchange Deutsche Boerse (read more)

The bulging python was cut open after villagers grew suspicious it had eaten the man (read more)

The American singer, who snubbed a ceremony in December, says no media must be present (read more)

Japan is struggling to make sure it has enough English speakers when it hosts the Olympic Games in 2020 (read more)

Instead of backing his own party's candidate, Manuel Valls throws his weight behind Emmanuel Macron (read more)

Andreea Cristea remains critically ill, as events will mark one week on from the London attacks (read more)

The 29-year-old's relatives wanted to overturn an inquest jury's conclusion that he was lawfully killed (read more)

A report into an outbreak of E. coli O157 in which a three-year-old child died has concluded Dunsyre Blue cheese was the source. (read more)

The president is accused of "ignoring basic science" as public campaigns and court cases are planned (read more)

The Oscar winner says she "couldn't live there" as she condemns the pressure on actresses to be thin (read more)

A guide to how the UK will leave the European Union following the 23 June referendum vote (read more)

After the Note 7 fiasco, Samsung's latest launch could be a make or break moment (read more)

Red lines, Britons in the EU and can the UK back out? Kevin Connolly and Norman Smith investigate (read more)


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