Scott Moir said his and partner Tessa Virtue’s free dance performance on Tuesday was personal, for each other, the best way they knew to honor the ice dance collaboration they’ve enjoyed for the better part of two decades. By the time the Canadian couple completed their sultry routine to music. (read more)


Just about every time the Kings play the Chicago Blackhawks, the talk beforehand turns to the thrilling playoff series the teams played during their dynasty years. This visit followed suit, even though the participants have fallen off since they combined to win five of the past eight Stanley Cups. (read more)


SERIES Knight Squad A rambunctious princess and a mischievous drifter create fake identities to attend knight school in this new fantasy adventure. Owen Joyner, Lilimar and Kelly Perine star. (read more)


The mystery surrounding strange symptoms of illness experienced by at least two dozen U.S. (read more)


Two decades after promising to quit politics before turning into a “half-dead wreck,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel began paving the way for her exit from office by picking the popular governor of a small state on the French border as her successor in a surprise move on Monday. In what had all. (read more)


In 2012, a Los Angeles start-up named Club W set out to help millennials find and buy decent wine on the internet. With bottles from a few boutique vintners, a slick web platform and a simple recommendation algorithm, the company had a propitious plan. (read more)


Hello, 911? I’d like to report a missing person. Last name C-O-S-T-A-S. (read more)


Rep. John Lewis’ graphic memoir series for young readers, “March,” about his civil rights work with the Rev. (read more)


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