Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Two ex-Google employees, Paul McDonald and Ashwath Rajan, want to reinvent the bodega into a pantry box for convenience items you’d normally get at the corner store. (read more)

Call her Gwyneth the Vampire Repeller. Just in time for Halloween, when all sorts of nasty spirits are out, Gwyneth Paltrow unveils “Psychic Vampire Repellent” on her lifestyle website, Goop, so users can remove negative energies from their life. (read more)

The site's algorithm is suggesting items that, when mixed together, can produce explosives. Amazon's automatic algorithm, which makes suggestions to customers of items that are "frequently bought together" and others that are in the same wheelhouse, is laying out the ingredients to make bombs and explosives, according to a report. (read more)

Face it, if you’ve got an oval Modigliani-like mug, you’re not as likely to get lucky as someone with a square face. So says a provocative new Canadian study that found that that people with shorter, wider faces tend to have stronger sex drives than those with faces of other dimensions. (read more)

File this one under "how to adult." Teenagers are pushing off adult responsibilities and milestones such as getting a job, learning to drive and being in relationships more so now than any generation in the past 50 years. (read more)

No more fun and games. For kids of a certain age — and, yes, that even includes millennials — word that debt-strapped Toys ‘R’ Us filed for bankruptcy on Monday was like having batteries die in the middle of a big Game Boy championship. (read more)


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