Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Two ex-Google employees, Paul McDonald and Ashwath Rajan, want to reinvent the bodega into a pantry box for convenience items you’d normally get at the corner store. (read more)

In the age of instant gratification, Thanksgiving isn’t any different. Those who want their bird and sides all in one hearty sandwich — and want it before the holiday even arrives — are in luck. (read more)

Another year, another stink over Starbucks holiday cups. This time the controversy comes from the festive containers’ “gay agenda. (read more)

New York should be flooded with concern about global warming. Scientists at NASA are using simulation technology from their Jet Propulsion Lab to predict what cities the ice caps will affect when they melt. (read more)

Get your sugar fix and buzz in one boozy bite. Fall just got a lot more flavorful thanks to the arrival of hard cider doughnuts — a collaboration between West Village sweets shop The Doughnut Project and Angry Orchard cider company. (read more)

It's the crunchiest holiday feast ever. Pringles, a division of Kellogg’s that specializes in snack food, is currently testing a newfangled take on the holiday feast with its Thanksgiving Dinner kit. (read more)


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