Bad blood continues to boil over in the Warriors-Thunder rivalry (read more)

In the wake of LeBron being told to “shut up and dribble,” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar can attest that 50 years have passed with little progress (read more)

A Long Island man died Saturday after a falling chunk of fire escape fell seven stories onto his head on a SoHo sidewalk (read more)

Manny Machado arrived in Orioles’ camp on Saturday, wasting no time saying that he intends to play shortstop for the rest of his career (read more)

A woman who pleaded guilty in her fiance’s drowning death during a Hudson River kayaking trip says she’s moving on (read more)

"House" actress Charlyne Yi alleged Marilyn Manson visited the show's set and harassed "every woman" about lesbian sex acts (read more)

Thirteen people were injured — two seriously — when a fire tore through an apartment building above a renowned Little Italy restaurant (read more)

Following heinous acts of violence, as seen in yet another school shooting, are always questions about a way it could have been stopped (read more)

Police reports depicted mass killer Nikolas Cruz as a threat to his mother and himself (read more)

The White House National Security adviser a few minutes later said the evidence of Russian meddling is "really incontrovertible.". (read more)

The jury took several hours to reach its decision in a lawsuit filed against the Baltimore County government and police Cpl. Royce Ruby, who shot Korryn Gaines and wounded her 5-year-old son. (read more)

Burning question: Will Kate Middleton wear black at the BAFTAs to support Time's Up? (read more)

The Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz’s younger brother was involuntarily removed from his home on Friday (read more)

Just when you thought the outlook could not get any brighter for the Yankees, the media decided to compare Aaron Boone to Saint Joe Torre (read more)

The FBI has fumbled so much lately that it should be called the F-up Bureau of Ignorance (read more)


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