Bad blood continues to boil over in the Warriors-Thunder rivalry (read more)

A 58-year-old Starbucks customer was lauded as a hero after he thwarted a robbery attempt by an armed man sporting a “Transformers” mask (read more)

Martha Burk still chuckles at the response she received from Hootie Johnson, after Burk asked him to invite a woman to join Augusta (read more)

The franchise's extreme-makeover season begins in earnest Friday when Jets players report for training camp with lots of questions (read more)

Reading the polls has a lot in common to reading tealeaves: there's plenty of room for interpretation (read more)

Swiping Sean Spicer to the side, Anthony Scaramucci took the podium on Friday with the flare and fury of a TV pitchman (read more)

Cops are hunting for a woman who jammed a knife into a man's face just above his left eye while arguing with him in the Bronx, police said (read more)

Both boys were 14 when they disappeared off the Palm Beach County coast in July 2015 after a storm, launching a massive search. They were never found. (read more)

Just one day after hiring a new White House Communications director, President Trump is up to his typical Twitter tricks (read more)

After a man fell unconscious from an overdose while driving his Lexus in Brooklyn, his desperate daughter climbed onto his lap and commandeered the car, police said (read more)

A train operator in Sweden has said it will name one of its trains Trainy McTrainface after the public voted for it in a poll (read more)


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